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Bride SliceBride Slice
Pastry base with a rich fruit cake in middle and topped with marzipan and fondant
Chocolate FudgeChocolate Fudge
Crumbed digestive biscuits blended into melted Margarine, Chocolate and syrup and topped in chocolate
Chocolate Raisin FudgeChocolate Raisin Fudge
Crumbed digestive biscuits and Raisins blended into melted Margarine, Chocolate and syrup and topped in chocolate
Coconut SliceCoconut Slice
Biscuit base with coconut and condensed milk in the middle and topped with white chocolate
Continental SliceContinental Slice
Biscuit crumb, nut and coconut base, custard flavoured icing with a hint of sherry in the middle and topped with chocolate - a bit different
Flapjack made with rolled oats, coconut and Cinnamon for a hint of spice
Fruit SquareFruit Square
Home made pastry base and top filled with succulent currants and sultanas. Known as Fly Cemetery to some folks
Honeymoon SliceHoneymoon Slice
Chocolate base, coconut blended with condensed milk, toffee made from scratch by melting butter, margarine, sugar, and syrup then adding condensed milk and stirring till we get to the right consistency and topped off with chocolate and rice crispies. Made for those off you with a sweet tooth
Millionaire ShortbreadMillionaire Shortbread
Shortbread base with our toffee in the middle and topped with milk chocolate with a drizzle of white. All in all Millionaire made the old fashioned way
Mixed SliceMixed Slice
A selection of five of our delicious slices, Coconut, Peppermint, Raisin Fudge, Rice Crispy and Millionaire Shortbread
Paradise SliceParadise Slice
Pastry base with a spreading of jam topped with a sponge mix full of vine fruit, nuts, coconut and cherries cooked and then sprinkled with sugar
Peppermint SlicePeppermint Slice
Coconut and chocolate base with a peppermint icing in the middle and topped with chocolate - a favourite
Rice KrispyRice Krispy
A thick slice of rice crispies held together with a mixture of melted marshmallows, toffee, margarine and mars bars and topped of with chocolate
Ryvita SliceRyvita Slice
Melted chocolate with ryvitas pressed into it, our home made toffee in the middle, more ryvita and chocolate on top - looks the same either way up

Irvings Bakery also produces biscuits in twin packs for the Hotel and Restaurant trade.